Saturday, May 13, 2006

SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT CAMPAIGN 2006 The Democratic front-runners appear to have a lock on the coming November election. But, they are tipping their hand as to what kind of government we can expect, if they are elected. They are playing to the far left, special interest groups of their party. This is not sitting too well with more conservative Democrats, Republicans and Independents or Conservatives, who make up a larger portion of the state electorate, than the far left who controls the Democratic Party organizational structure. Add, to this, the realization that the 2006 Democratic ticket is out of geographical and ethnic balance, in a state where those factors have traditionally mattered. A ticket made up of NYC minorities pandering to far left special and racial interest groups is a winner in New York in November?? Don't think so. John Faso is the Republican candidate for Governor. John Spencer is the Republican designee, but faces a September 12 Primary. Nothing is for sure in our contemporary world since 9-11. Republicans and Democrats at the National level have failed to secure our borders. Countless OTM's (other than Mexicans, from you know where), have been streaming across our porous borders, illegally, on a daily basis, for the past 5 or more years. Safe to conclude that we have been invaded and the foe is amongst us plotting and planning devestating, simultaneous future terror attacks that will disable our nation, plunging us into unbelieveable chaos. We know it is coming, we can anticipate how it will happen, but the big questions of where and when are unknown. ON THE STATE LEVEL, we are far from secure or ready and neither the Democrats or Republicans are addressing the security issue, which is the priority political issue of our day - transcending all others, especially the social issues that the Democratic ticket is focusing on. The Republican challengers are no better. NOR ARE WE PREPARED for Natural Disasters, like a major hurricane devestating the populous South Shore of Long Island, much of which lies well below a 20 or 30 foot storm surge, that could accompany a major hurricane. NYC is not safe from that either because the surge would range even higher in New York Harbor. If this isn't bad enough - geologists predict NYS is due for a major earthquake down the Hudson Valley or along the LI-NYC coastal zone. Not to pretty, when one considers the twin Indian Point Nuke plants sit atop major fault lines. THE LATE, GREAT TIP O'NEILL, Massachusetts Democrat and former Speaker of the U.S. House, once said "all politics is local". His words have more relevance today, when we ponder the failure of the national and state governments to address the priority issues of homeland security and emergency/disaster preparedness.OUR ONLY HOPE is that we can push our local voters , local governments, and other institutions ,to immediately make plans to deal with what can and will befall us in the days ahead. ANTICIPATE THE WORST AND PREPARE , NOW!. TIME IS SHORT. WE CAN NOT DEPEND ON THE NATIONAL OR STATE GOVERNMENTS TO SAVE US. WE MUST ACT TO SAVE OURSELVES AT THE LOCAL AND NEIGHBORHOOD LEVELS. Joe Sullivan Albany City GOP Committee Chairman (518) 438 5230


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