Saturday, August 26, 2006

Campaign 2006 Status Report Saturday, August 26. Summer is fading like the flowers. Primary Day Tuesday, September 12 is drawing near, Polls open Noon - 9 pm.

Last call for those wishing to be poll inspectors. Contact the Albany County Board of Elections immediately. (487 5060). Stipends include: Training $25/ Primary Day $100/ Election Day $200. Poll inspectors are responsible for conducting fair, orderly elections at polling places. City Committee Members may work at the polls. First preference should be the same election district where you are the Committee representative.

Democrats have primaries for Governor and Attorney General. Republicans have a primary for U S Senator. John Spencer presents the clearest contrast to Senator Hillary Clinton. Spencer has the Conservative Party ballot line in the November 7 General Election. In NYS where Democrats outnumber Republicans 5 to 3, it is essential that the Republican candidate also have the Conservative line - to have any chance at winning in November.

Looking ahead to November, the Democrats and media have already annointed Elliot Spitzer Governor. Not suprisingly, he has a huge lead in public opninon polls as a result. With a fine record as State Attorney General, plenty of name recognition and money, plus personal ability and drive, and a 5 to 3 party voter edge, Spitzer is clearly the front runner.

However, look for the Governor's race to tighten a bit. Spitzer and his running mate State Senator David Patterson are spending too much time and effort pandering to their special interest base, which is starting to take on an in your face posture which is unnecessarily alienating New Yorkers who do not support abortion and so called gay marriage. This tactic is only losng votes for Spitzer-Patterson by alienating voters who might otherwise vote for that ticket in November. It doesn't gain them any votes because they already have the support of those special interests which are not going to vote for anyone else. In addition, there is a glaring geographic imbalance in the state Democratic ticket, with all the likely candidates from New York City. As November draws near, voters and organizational Democrats ,from upstate and Long Island, will look more closely at what this geographic imbalance may mean to them in the next 4 years.

Republican-Conservative John Faso has his work cut out for him. He did not help himself with his misguided proposal to scrap define benefit pensions for state workers. Faso blundered badly on this one losing needed state worker votes, particularly here in the Capital District. Result, he slipped further behind in the polls.

Both Democratic and Republican Gubernatorial campaigns have failed to present clear positions and actions they will take to keep all New Yorkers safe from terrorist attacks in the days ahead.

Make no mistake about it- public safety and emergency/disaster preparedness are the overriding issues now and in the future. All others matter not, if our nation, state and communities are reeling in the wake of terrible, simultaneous, coordinated terror attacks. Here we have hurricance season, approaching winter cold and a
change in political administrations and all the chaos associated therewith. No doubt these factors are not lost on those terrorists, who dwell amongst us, plotting and waiting for their orders to strike. The huge populations of illegal third world immigrants , the native born urban underclass and assorted criminals, gang bangers and social malcontents are the natural allies of the foreign terrorists who seek to destroy America and all of us.

Media bias, voter apathy, indiffference, failure to recognize that we are in a fight for our very survival as individuals, families and a nation; a likely low voter turnout in both the September 12 Primaries and November 7 General Election and lack of real leadership on the part of the candidates and those in government, all add up to a feeling of impending doom and disaster on the part of anyone who looks closely at what is, and what is not, happening in our city, state and nation.

Sadly and Sincerely,

Joe Sullivan, Chair
Albany City Republican Committee
(518) 438 5230
(see related entry below)


WROW Radio Host Paul Vandenburg says we need fewer coppers in Albany because the population of the city is declining. I say we need to put more men on the job because while the population of Albany is declining, the lawless population of adults and juveniles is growing.

Chief Tuffey proposes closing two police substations in an effort to put a few more police officers, in high tech police cars, in high crime neighborhoods. No beat cops except in a few
neighborhoods like Park south, Lark street and Downtown.

What happens when gas is not avialable? Do cops ride horses? Donkeys?Bikes? While cops
and EMT's/firemen are busy in high crime, ghetto neighborhoods; astute criminals are increasing mobile and shifting their activities to Uptown Albany where police presence is less
because of the demands Mid and Downtown.

I say, concentrating police resources in one or two central locations is a bad idea in an age of
terrorism, particularly if those central locations are wide open to attack. Destruction of these central locations would destroy police command functions, cars, weapons and communications, leaving the city undefended against ensuing civil disorder.

Mobil flying squads of cops is a good idea. But, remember, police work tends to be reactive
rather than proactive. Criminals adapt and move from one neighborhood to another.

Beat cops in all neighborhoods are the ideal, because beat cops know those neighborhoods and act as a visible deterrent to criminals. Uptown needs beat cops, as well as car and bike patrols.

Back to the drawing boards Chief. Plan wisely with an eye to the realities of the age of terror and the growing lawless population.

Fire house are undefended and vulnerable to coordinated attacks by small groups who can easily sabtaoge and destroy the effectiveness of the city firefighting and EMT resources.

I say, secure fire houses. Convey peace officer status on firemen and EMT's, arm them and give them weapons training so they can defend themselves, their fire stations and equipment
and so they can serve as a back up for police as needed.

Every fire house should be designated and set up as a police substation.

Supplement all this with creation of neighborhood citizen police and fire auxiliaries made of of retired police, fire, EMT's, veterans and other neighborhood residents who assist the police and fire agencies in times of emergencies and disasters or terror attacks.

Do these things and crime will be contained, our city and neighborhoods will be safer; and all
city residents will have a better chance at surviving whatever natural and man made disasters that may come our way in the days and months ahead.

Time is short and the dangers are great. Do not delay!

Joe Sullivan


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