Monday, September 25, 2006

For Immediate Release: 9/7/06
Contact: JP Sullivan 438 5230

Young Americans are dying so that residents of Iraq and Afghanistan might enjoy the right of self-determination - to elect their own leaders.

June 8, 2004, at the request of Chairman Peter Kermani, Town Republicans voted for a Rules
amendment, which took away the right of self determination for Republicans in the Cities of Albany, Cohoes and Watervliet . According to this amendment of the Rules of the Albany County Republican Committee, city Republicans could no longer elect the officers of their respective city committees. However, Republicans in the towns could continue to elect officers of their town committees.

The amendment passed despite unanimous opposition from Albany City Republicans. Why? There are more Republicans in the towns. None had the courage to buck Chairman Kermani.

Albany City Republican Chairman, Joe Sullivan, was overwhelmingly reelected by his peers on the City Committee at the 2004 post primary organizational meeting pursuant to the existing Albany County Committee Rules adopted in 2000. How come? Peter Kermani and
the County Republicans failed to timely file the amendment with the State Board of Elections
within 10 days after the June 8, 2004 special meeting held for that purpose. In fact, the amended Rules were not filed as required until late August that year.

Chairman Sullivan has continued to function as such for the remainder of his two year term.

County Chairman Kermani appointed two co-chairs to run the Albany City Committee. One has since dropped out, and the other attempted to recruit a shadow committee.

When the dust 2006 petitioning settled, Sullivan wound up with Committee Members in key
wards and election districts having a total weighted vote of nearly 3,400 compared to Kermani's 275.

It is show time. Sullivan has scheduled the Albany City Republican Committee post primary organizational meeting for 7 pm Weds, Sept 13 - the day after Primary, He will ask to be reelected at that meeting and will introduce a resolution for a vote calling on County Republicans to (1) declare the June 2004 amendments null and void and to (2) to declare that the Albany County Republican Committee Rules, adopted in September 2000, are the
rules governing the county, city and town committees.

Under those rules city and town committees enjoyed equal rights of self determination in electing officers of their respective committees.

The Right of Self-Determination is an essential element of our American system of government. Albany City Republicans are not second class citizens when compared to
town Republicans and with residents of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I call on Peter Kermani and the town Republicans of Albany County to right this terrible wrong
when the Albany County 2006 Post Primary Organizational Meeting is held sometime within 20 days after the Sept 12 Primary.

Go to City GOP Website for further details:

Any City Republicans wishing to be appointed Members of the Albany City Republican
Committee at the Sept 13 City Organizational meeting are urged to contact me without delay.

Joseph P. Sullivan, Chair
Tel/Fax (518) 438 5230


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