Monday, September 25, 2006

The Last Say of Summer 2006.
To Albany City Residents,

As the summer of my political life fades to Autumn,

I am announcing my re-enrolment in the Democratic Party today.

I can best serve the interests of my neighborhood and the residents of the City of
Albany as a member of the majority party.

As the Late Tip O'Neill correctly observed, "all politics are local". And, from my view
he was correct.

In an earlier e mail, my political history is outlined. It speaks for itself. If anything, one can conclude that I am an independent thinker, who stands for his beliefs.

Not much will change with this re-enrolment in the Democratic Party. You will know
where I stand.

I will work for an support:

1. my neighborhood and city, and all the people who live here
2. I will continue to serve as President of the Buckingham Pond/Crestwood
Neighborhood Association.
3. I will continue to press for construction of the Dan O'Connell Senior Housing/
Neighborhood Community Center and Memorial Pocket Park at the corner of
New Scotland Ave and Whitehall Rd (including the adjacent 8-10 acres)
4. I will continue to press for creation of a 23 acre neighborhood greenbelt
consisting of woodlands bordered by Krum Kill Rd, Crescent Dr, NYS Thruway
and Rte 85.
5. I will support Mayor Jennings in his efforts to make Albany a better place to live.
6. I will `continue to support returning the city school system back to K-8 Neighborhood schools.
7, I will continue to press for improved public safety and development of an
emergency/disaster plan for the neighborhoods and city.
8. I will support Frank Commisso for Albany County Democratic Chairman. I
bartendered for Frank at his bar on lower Madison Ave, across from Beansie's
when I first came to Albany.
9. I will continue to do all I can to keep alive the memory of Dan O'Connell,
Charlie and Jimmy Ryan, and Dick Conners, and others I have known along
the way.
10. I will continue to support our President and Commander in Chief at a time when
we are at war with the forces of evil who seek to destroy us and our way of life,
11. I will support ny son, Joseph P. Sullivan III, who is serving us , our state and nation in Afghanistan, along with other brave young Americans who are laying their
lives on the line so that we may live in freedom and safety.
12. I will continue to support my son, Tim, NYS SP S/Sgt, my niece Eileen, LT. NYPD
and all the members of law enforcement and firefighters who put daily put their lives on the line that we may live in safety and freedom.
13. I will continue to support Albany city Republicans in their quest for respect and
political self determination.
14. I will continue to support life for the unborn and for the elderly.
15. Last, but not least, I will support Eliot Spitzer for Governor of New York. As
local coordinator of his first run for Attorney General, I know Eliot to be a
fine man, who will be a superior Governor of New York. He can count on me to
be straight with him on any of the above, should he ever seek my opinion.

Joseph Patrick Sullivan
737 New Scotland Ave
Albany, NY 12208
438 5230


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