Thursday, September 07, 2006

NOTICE Post Primary Organizational meeting of the Albany City Republican Committee, pursuant to State Election Law Art 2-112 and Rules of the Albany County Republican Committee adopted at the September 2000 Organizational meeting of that committee. Albany City Republican Committee meets at 7 pm Wednesday September 13 at the picnic grove of Buckingham Pond Park, Albany. (Foot of Colonial Ave and Berkshire Blv.) Meeting starts promptly. Bring your lawn chair. Meeting Agenda: (1) Call to Order by City Chair Sullivan (2) Pledge of Allegiance (3) Moment of Silent Prayer for all Members of our Armed Forces and Law Enforcement, particularly those who have given their lives in our service, so that we may live free (4) Roll Call a) present and voting b) proxy votes (5) Appointments to fill vacancies to City Republican Committee (5) Election of Officers: a) City Chair b) Vice Chair c) Secretary d) Treasurer (6) Vote on Resolution to the Albany County Republican Committee calling on said Committee, at it's forthcoming 2006 Post Primary Organizational Meeting to: (A) Declare the June 8, 2004 amendments to the County Committee Rules Null and Void because (i) the amendments are in conflict with State Election Law Art 2-112 which states, in part that "all other committees shall and organize by electing a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and other such officers"....; (ii) denying City Republicans in Albany, Cohoes and Watervliet the right of self-determination, while providing that Republicans in the towns, shall elect their respective town committee officers, is clearly a violation of State Law and the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and (iii) the June 8, 2004 amendments were not timely filed with the State Board of Elections until August 2004, where Art 2-114 requires any rules or amendments to be so filed "Within ten days after..adoption". RESOLVED that the Rules of the Albany County Republican Committee ,duly adopted at the September 2000 post primary organizational meeting ,remain the rules governing said county committee and the city and town committees therein. (7) Other Business (8) Adjournment


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