Monday, September 25, 2006

NOTICE September 20, 2006

Peter Kermani, retiring Chair
Albany County Republican Committee, and
Thomas Marcelle, Esq Counsel

You are hereby given notice that:

Joseph P Sullivan incumbent, holdover Committee Member from Ward 14-6
City of Albany, and duly elected Albany City Republican Committee Chairman
as of September 15, 2004, pursuant to Rules of 9/27/00 County Committee, then
in effect; and by said party rules a Member of the Albany County Republican
Committee Executive Committee, is entitled to appear at tonight's 7 pm Sept 20
Albany County Organizational Meeting; and as a holdover Member of the County
Republican Executive Committee, is entitled to floor privileges, pursuant to said

Should you deny Joseph P Sullivan entry to the meeting, and floor privileges to
address the full county committee at the commencement of tonights meeting; any
actions taken at the meeting, will be, pursuant to Election Law, null and void.

Accordingly, you are to:
1. Not attempt to prevent Joseph P Sullivan from entering this organizational meeting because he is a holdover Member of the County Committee 14-6 and a
holdover Member of the County Executive Committee, by virtue of having been
duly elected Albany City Republican Committee Chair in September 2004. In
addition, Mr Sullivan was duly re-elected City Chair, by his peers, at the September
13, 2006 Organizational Meeting of said City committee.

2. As a holdover Member of the County Executive Committee you are to accord Sullivan floor privilege to address the entire county committee immediately upon
convening the September 20, 2006 Albany County Organizational Meeting.

Mr Sullivan will ask that the full County Committee accept the actions taken
at September 13, 2006 Albany City Republican Committee Organizational Meeting:

A) Confirm the committee appointees made thereat as Members of the County
B) Declare that the Rules of The Albany County Republican Committee adopted
9/27/00 to be, and have been, the Rules governing the Albany County Republican
Committee and the City and Town Committees therof
C) Recognize and accept that Joseph P Sullivan is the elected Albany City Republi-
can Committee Chair, because he was duly elected, by the Members of the
County Committee representing the City of Albany, pursuant to the 9/27/00
Albany County Republican Committee Rules.

The June 8, 2004 Rules, purporting to take away the right of self determination
of city Republicans (to elect their own leaders), while allowing the town
Republicans to retain this right is a violation of equal protection and treatment
and therefore a violation of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution and
thus Unconstitutional.

Further, the purported rules changes were not timely filed with the State Board
of Elections as required by Election Law Art 2-114. They were not filed until
August 2004.

Finally, the June 8, 2004 rules amendments to Rules 4 and 8 are invalid
because they conflict with Election Law Art 2-112 which provides for
election of chairs , and other officers, at the organizational meetings of those

3. Joseph P Sullivan's name is to be placed in nomination as an officer of
the Albany County Republican Committee, as Vice Chairperson from the
City of Albany - by virtue of having been elected Albany City Republican
Chairman in 2004 and again in 2006 - IF you attempt to act pursuant to
purported Rule 2 Amendment of June 8, 2004.

Joseph P Sullivan, Chair
Albany City Republican
Committee 438 5230


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