Monday, September 25, 2006


At 3 o'clock hour, today, Joseph P. Sullivan will change his political party enrolment
back to Democrat.

A brief Sullivan political history and statement follow:

Sullivan political history

1960 Enrols Democrat. Casts first vote for John F. Kennedy for President
1964 Votes for Lyndon Johnson for President.
1968 Supporter of Robert F. Kennedy for President, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1970-74 Chairman, Southold Town Democratic Committee (Suffolk County,, LI)
Early supporter of Hugh Carey for Governor of NYS
1975 Arrives in Albany. Goes to Dan O'Connell's door. Meets Dan, Charlie and
Jimmy Ryan. Dan says: "You are in Kid-you are one of us", appoints
Sullivan Democratic Committeeman old Ward 9 District 5. Serves as
Committeeman for 9-5 (now 8-5) until 1995. Sullivan work's as bartender in
Frank Commisso's bar, lower Madison Ave, down from Cathedral and across
from Beansie's place.

1977 Dan dies. Erastus Corning has Sullivan removed from position as Executive
Director of NYS Agricultural Resources Commission. Sullivan brings legal
action on grounds that a veteran can not be dismissed from state service
without charges and a hearing. Sullivan prevails, State Agricultural
Commissioner Barber settles case to avoid establishing a legal precedent.
Sullivan awarded back pay, pension credit.
1978 Governor Hugh Carey appoints Sullivan to serve as Executive Director to
The NYS Superintendent of Insurance, then John Lennon, and later, former
Brooklyn State Senator, Al Lewis. Sullivan serves there until 1983, when
then Gov Mario Cuomo completes purge of all Carey appointees. Sullivan
legal action on Sec 75 NYS Civil Service Law - veteran can not be fired
without charges and hearing. Sullivan prevails.

1978 Sullivan engineers Assemblyman Dick Conners renomination for State
Assembly, thwarting Erastus Corning's effort to dump Conners
re-elected. Sullivan and Conners maintain close association until Conners'
1979 Sullivan coordinates Charlie Ryan's Sr Campaign for President of Albany
Common Council.
!980 Sullivan coordinates Senator Edward Kennedy's Presidential Primary effort
in Capital District over objections of Erastus Corning. Corning calls Governor
Carey declaring he wants Sullivan fired and out of town. Carey hangs up
on Corning.
1982 Sullivan wins Election Law case, acting Pro Se in 3rd Dept Appellate Court
winning election of his wife Margaret and Bridie Coy as Democratic
Committee Members in Ward 8ED7, defeating Corning candidates.

1983 Gov Mario Cuomo completes purge of Carey supporters from state govern-
ment jobs. Sullivan fights Cuomo relying on Sec 7 NYS Civil Service Law
(veteran cannot be fired without charges and hearing). Prevails. Wins back
1984-86 Sullivan serves as Chief of Staff to State Senator Howard Nolan.
1988 Sullivan becomes Program Analyst for Veterans and Agricultural Issues
with Senate Democratic Minority. Works closely with Assemblyman Dick
Conners, Chair of Assembly Veterans Committee and Assembly Speaker
Dan Walsh. Sullivan often seen at the Grinch, having a pint and dancing
a sailors hornpipe for Donnybrook Fair. Those were good days.

1988 Sullivan coordinates Jerry Brown Presidential Campaign in Albany. Holds
big rally on Capital Steps, after Brown's Primary win. Against Sullivan's
objections, Brown announces endorsement of Jessie Jackson as Brown
choice for VP. That cost Brown the Presidency. As Brown attempted to
leave Albany, Sullivan wanted him to stop at City Hall to pay a courtesy
call on Mayor Tom Whalen. Brown's campaign staff refused. Sullivan had
his wife, Margaret , ride with Brown. Sullivan directed the police escort
taking Brown's cars to the airport, to stop in front of City Hall (unknown to
Brown's staff and supporters). When Brown's car stopped abruptly, Margaret
ordered him out of the car. Brown demanded to know why? Joe Sullivan
grabbed Brown by the arm and said you are paying a courtesy call on the
Mayor of Albany. Tom Whalen was as surprised as Brown . Whalen
blurted out his endorsement of Brown on the spot.

1992 Dick Conners dies. Sullivan announces for State Assembly . Senate Minority
fires Sullivan for refusing to abandon campaign. Nomination goes to
Jack McEneny. Sullivan runs in Democratic primary where he is defeated
but continues on to November with Right To Life ballot line.

Sullivan Capital Coordinator for Eliot Spitzer's first run for Attorney General.

1993 Sullivan takes early retirement. Loses more than $500 a month in pension
benefits because he is one year short of 20 years service and retires with
a five year penalty for early retirement.

1993 Sullivan loses a close race for 8th Ward Alderman, Dave Torncello by a
handful of votes out of more than 3,000 votes cast. Neverthess, Sullivan
succeeded in blocking Mayor Whale's plan to build luxury housing on
Albany Muni Golf Course. Sullivan forced Land Conservation rezoning
of the golf course, including the Community Garden site on Hartman Rd
and Buckingham Pond, and adjacent shore area, which became
Buckingham Pond.

1994 Sullivan co-cordinated Pat Buchanan's Presidential Campaign effort in
the Capital District, along with Dave DeWard.

1997 Sullivan again ran for Ward 8 Alderman. Doublecrossed by Common Council
President candidate Bob Van Amburgh, who had pledges neutrality in Ward
8 race. Sullivan calls Mayor Jennings, tells him that he is endorsing Helen
Desfosses for Common Council President. Jennings asks Sullivan not to go
public in media with the Desfosses endorsement. Sullivan replies he does
not have to. Desfosses wins Common Council President by 400 vote margin
with votes coming from Sullivan's neighborhood. Desfosses calls Sullivan
to thank him.

1998 Sullivan switches to Republican Party. Runs for State Assembly.
2000 Sullivan Republican candidate for State Senator from Albany County
endorsed by Conservative, Independence and Right to Life Parties.
Earns 37,500 votes with no campaign budget.
2000-2006 Sullivan serves as Albany City Republican Chairman.
2001 Sullivan Republican Candidate for Mayor of Albany.
2004 Peter Kermani, Albany County Republican Chairman, engineers a Rules
Change, taking away right of self-determination from Republicans in
cities of Albany, Cohoes and Watervliet, while allowing Town Republicans
to continue to elect their respective Town Chairmen.
2005 Sullivan runs again for Albany Mayor. Does not win, but shapes public policy
regarding public safety, Albany City Schools and emergency/disaster
preparedness. No campaign budget. Record of campaign can be found
2006 Sullivan-Kermani struggle comes to and end. See Albany Times Union
Sept 19, 2006 pB2 and city gop website:
for details.

Sullivan defeated for Republican Committee seat in Ward 14-ED6 10-7
vote. Peter Kermani's paid Assistant, Barabara Davis works polling place,
along with
Democratic Ward Leaders wife. Only 12 of the districts 35 Republican
voters bother to vote. David Price emerges with 10 votes, Sullivan and
his running mate, with 7 each.

On Primary Day, Sept 12
Sullivan sends e mail to County Board of Elections protesting Barabra
Davis being at polls controlling voting machine party selector handle
and Dem Ward Leader serving on polls. Both of these individuals
representing persons having an interest in Sullivan losing said primary.
To Elections Commissioners do not act on Sullivan's call to immediately
remove Davis from the polling place

Sullivan reelected City Republican Chair, by his peers, at Sept 13, 2006
organizational meeting. City Committee Members forward approved
Resolutions to County Committee Chairman Kermani calling for the
County Committee to (1) confirm the committee appointments made by
the city committee, (2) to declare that the 9/27/00 Albany County Republican
Committee Rules are, and have been, the Rules governing the County
Committee and the Cities/Towns thereof.

Tom Marcelle, Albany County GOP Committee Counsel, sends Sullivan
a registered letter advising Sullivan he is not Albany City Republican
Committee Chair Sullivan will be barred from attending the Sept 20
2006 organizational committee meeting of the Albany County Republican
Committee and legal action will be instituted against him. Sullivan replies
"Nuts" and repeats demands for actions at county meeting.

Sept 20, Sullivan shows up at the county meeting, which was sparsely
attended. Marcelle meets Sullivan at the door, bars his entry and serves
Sullivan with a summons returnable in Federal District Court. Sullivan
had served a Notice on Marselle earlier, which Sullivan asked Marcelle
to include in the county meeting minutes. Marcelle agreed. Sullivan
conferred with City Committee Members who had accompanied him
the meeting. With their agreement, Sullivan said the best course of
action would be for him to leave. He had served Notice on Kermani
and Marcelle that because of their failure to admit Sullivan, and to
extend him floor privilege to address the county committee members
assembled at the Sept 20 meeting - all actions taken at that meeting
were, pursuant to state law, null and void. Sullivan said it is best to
respect the rule of law rather than to try to disrupt the meeting. The
issue would be resolved in the courts The City Committee Members
consented and Sullivan left the meeting.

After, several days have passed, Sullivan has (1) reviewed the Federal
Court Summons-a copyright law action- a frivilous legal action not worthy
of his or the court's time and (2) there is no point in carrying on the
struggle for self determination by Albany City Republicans through an
extended legal battle, where Sullivan lacks the financial resources to
mount a court defense, and where a struggle for self determination is
largely lost on an uncaring, apathetic electorate and a disinterested

Sullivan has decided that he can best serve the interests of residents
of his neighborhood and the City of Albany in another capacity.

Thus, Sullivan has decided to re-enrol in the Democratic Party.
See statement to follow.


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